New ! Guaranteed Solution to Complete Baldness,
Hair Loss and No Facial Hair....

Some years back as a young boy, I used to have nice looking hair, dark and always combed.

Then it happened!

While growing up, I began to lose my hair. It started at the center of my cone-shaped head where the hair began to disappear leaving a clear zone that was shinning like the windscreen of a new Toyota Camry. At my scalp, the hair root was receeding gradually as if some sort of chemical reaction was taking place on my head, and the result was me being cursed with a head that has no strands of hair left on it.

Again, my hair was always breaking off!

Whenever I comb my hair, I always have a paint-bucket full of hair that broke off naturally. This gave me so much concern, and, I started to lose my sleep because I thought I had developed a new [rare] form of hair Cancer.

Cancer will make its sufferer's hair break off naturally.

To compound my woes, as a handsome youngman ready to mingle, all the young ladies I wooed turned me down unrepentantly. Some of the ladies avoided me as if I robbed cow shit all over my body. Even my male friends in mockery called me names like 'Baldman', 'Balddoo', 'Baldie', 'Zidannee', 'Apari', etc, just to make jest of me.

The irony of it all was that the humiliation was getting above bearable such that I was beginning to get depressed, and I was contemplating suicide.

Luckily, one bright Sunday afternoon, I saw an old friend, Michael, dropping from his car. His hair was well-kempt and full to the scalp. The hair was dark, rich, jerry-curled, and dripping oil.

Even without touching it, I could feel it with my eyes that the hair texture was very soft as if he just stepped out of a beauty salon.

Then my eyes loitered to see Michael's wife....

how to get dark and long hair

Oh God! I wanted to faint. Her hair was so long; it cascaded from the back of her head and was almost reaching her butt. After the usual pleasantries and greetings, I decided to ask Michael and his wife the secrets of their soft, dark, full and long hair. Michael was kind enough to show me this secret hair care product called 'Yuda Pilatory'.

natural longer hair cream

Yuda Pilatory is an amazing hair regrowth treatment for people having any kind of hair loss like baldness, receeding hair, breaking hair, thin hair, etc.

It is a complete herbal solution that works 100% guaranteed without any side effect.

Yuda pilatory spray completely restores your normal hair back within few days. You start seeing the effect in 7 days, and within 15 days you will surely see your hair regrow to become fuller and better.

Yuda pilatory hair loss solution is a product that has been tested and verified as the 100% effective formula for hair loss and baldness treatment and I am happy to finally show you the real and assured solution that worked for me, my friend, his wife and several other people.

How Yuda hair growth spray works:

  • It accelerates blood circulation on the scalp.
  • It enhances and hastens growth of hair follicles and hair root.
  • It stimulates the hair roots for regeneration and fast development .
  • It accelerates melanin synthesis, thus making the hair darker.
  • It improves hair quality.

Why you must get Yuda hair growth spray today:

  • For hair loss prevention within 7 days
  • For faster hair growth or regrowth in 15 days
  • It is a herbal formula, without color and taste, no smell, no itching or sting.
  • With Yuda pilatory, you have no rebound or side effects after use.
  • Easy to Use; just spray it on the head, no need to rub or massage.
  • It can be used for any hair style, hair texture, and hair color (curly hair, dry hair, etc.)
  • It helps bald or hairless head to regrow hair.
  • Yuda spray can be used by both men and women

Main Ingredients: ginseng, Chinese honeylocust fruit, dry lotus grass, Oriental arborvitae, radix polygoni multiflori, cortex phellodendri, radix astragali, sichuan dome, angelica dahurica, fructus viticis, angelica, etc.

Because I am a living witness to the efficacy of this product, I have decided to help as many people get the solution at the cheapest, affordable price....

One Month Treatment Promo

1 Pack of Yuda Pilatory
spray for fuller and longer hair

Former Price: N25,000.00
New ! Promo Price: N7,500.00
Shipping: N1,000.00
Total: N8,500.00 Only

1 pack contain only 1 bottle for 1 month treatment.
Sales Promo Ends: Tuesday, 7th November, 2017!
Two Months Treatment Promo

2 Packs of Yuda Pilatory
cheap hair loss cream in nigeria

Former Price: N50,000.00
New ! Promo Price: N12,500.00
Shipping: N2,000.00 Get it FREE if you Order before October 20!
Total: N13,000.00 Only

2 packs contain 2 bottles for 2 months treatment.
Free Shipping Promo: Ends on Tuesday, 7th November, 2017!

Yuda pilatory hair regrowth and hair growth proofs
herbal hair growth solution

Instructions for use:
1.Open the cap and attach the sprayer on the bottle firmly.
2. Spray directly to places where hair loss problems exist.It can be used daily morning and evening, simply apply 3-5 streams of spray.


* Pay Cash on Delivery Nationwide !

    Pay on delivery for yuda pilatory

Pay for Our products only when they have been delivered to you hand-to-hand or face-to-face by our  partner logistic agents (the agents will hand-over the product to you, you check it before you pay!)

How to Order

* Simply Text (SMS) the following details to
(+234) 0810 285 6155 or

                                      1. Product Code: Yuda

                                      2. Your Name:...............................................................

                                      3. Your VALID Shipping Address:
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Our shipping and delivery agents will call you within 12 hours to Verify & Parcel your orders to you.

Delivery Time: Delivery time is 1-8 Business days.


Terms and Conditions for Placing Your Order

1. Order our products ONLY if you ALREADY have the CASH to pay for delivery.

2. DO NOT order this product if you are travelling within the next 4 days except you have someone who can help you collect it.

3. The products will be delivered to you via our COURIER partners within 1-5 business days.

Testimonies from some customers who RECENTLY bought some of our products:

Thank you sir, I have started using the products.
I have already see the work ....

Fantami, Borno State (0802 xxx xxx x).

Thanks my dear Alfred for your assurance, I am waiting for you at anytime, may god bless your company.
Chiagozie, Akwa Ibom State (0806 xxx xxx x).

My first order was delivered, and it is working.
Please I need another order.

Robert, Akwa Ibom State (0803 xxx xxx x)

Alfred that order you sent to me is working, I need another one for my friend, you already have the address you can send it.
Kalango, River State (0803 xx 896 33)

Alfred, I just must confess, that product you sent to me, I really I am enjoying it. It is really working for me. Thank you, God bless you.
20/1/2017 Mr Christopher E., Nasarawa State (0806 953 23x4)

  • All products are well inspected before being parceled, we ensure 100% product, no damages.
  • The product will be delivered to you by our partner courier company so give 1-8 days for delivery.
  • Send ALL your inquries to the phone no or email provided above.
  • We are EARNESTLY expecting your own testimonies. Peace....
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