Terms and Condition

1. Order our product(s) only if you have the cash to pay for delivery within 1-7days.

2. Do not order this product if you are travelling within the next 4 days.

3. Understand that delivery is via courier companies, and it could take more than 3 days before it is delivered.

4. Our delivery time is between 2-8 days, please gives us this time as our grace period.

5. If your order is NOT delivered after 5 days, feel free to call us so we can track your order.

6. We may increase the price(s) of our products without any prior notice(s) due to factors such as demand, exchange rates, volume, testing, etc.

7. We MAY provide PARTIAL REFUND of your money if you are not satisfied with the efficacy of the product. We however need proofs before the refund can be made.

8. We MAY NOT be able to issue a FULL REFUND owing to the fact that we incur other costs on each of the products we sell, such as costs on returns, advertising, hosting & web development, product purchase & shipping, transportation & delivery, staff welfare, bank charges, phone calls & SMSes, etc.


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