Download This Ebook on Over 30 Physical Products I Usually Buy Directly from Manufacturers in China at Very Cheap Prices and How I Resell them in Nigeria for Good Profits.


With mini-importation, we buy products from China, Dubai, Turkey, US or India, and resell in Nigeria.

Currently, there are over 9,000 products from suppliers. which may include:
braided hair, necklace, goggle or spectacles, phones, tablet pcs, laptops, etc.

necklace for importation to nigeriaspectaclesimport braided hairfrom china import hair braiding from dubai how to importa laptops from abroad or china
   Necklace             Spectacle       Braided hair       Tablet PC          Phones             Laptop

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What You will get inside the ebook:

How I am now an owner of a small online shop in Nigeria where I sell shoes, bags, clothes, watches, phones, gadgets, etc, to my customers.

How I advertise my products on important social media platforms that allow me to pay as low as 250 naira per day and help me get customers.

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